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Callie Carroll (she/her) brings over twenty years of nonprofit executive search consulting, nonprofit management, and organizational leadership experience to her work to support nonprofit and philanthropic organizations. Callie has  focused on serving organizations centered on advancing racial and social justice, evidence-based  programs serving youth and families, legal advocacy and civil rights, and philanthropy. Callie’s work is grounded in a  deep passion for working towards a more just and equitable society and is reinforced by her business perspective and foundational knowledge of nonprofit operations and strategy. She strives to learn together with clients to deepen equity and inclusion practices in every search, and is always interested in hearing feedback, considering new  approaches, and being real about the joys and challenges of searches.  


Callie grew up in the Quaker tradition and holds a vision for growing communities that center care and belonging. She is also working towards bringing joy to the world through gardening and flowers, which is what you'll find on her Instagram. She lives with her family in  Washington, DC.

About Me
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Having worked in direct service and small organizations, we believe deeply that every organization should have access to affordable talent support and partnership. We believe that organizations currently hold - or need to build - the deep relationships necessary for hiring the right talent as well as for other aspects of their work (strategy, advocacy, organizing, etc.). As a result, we believe in a partnered search process that supports the organization's engagement and relationship-building within its own community and leaves the organization and team not only with the right new hire, but also stronger and more connected and better supported for the work ahead. 

Considering a community-rooted search process also opens space to re-examine how a recruitment process works and develops the strengths of your team for future hiring. In order to do this, every search process is designed based on the existing strengths and needs of your team and involves investment in the design of the project together. This means no search budget is the same, and every project is tailored to meet the unique needs of your team. Together, we will agree to a set of hours and services, and you will be billed you on a monthly basis on a sliding scale rate (from $175 - $300 per hour) based on your organization's budget.  As a result, projects range from $7,000 - $60,000 based on who you are and how we partner together. To illustrate this, here are a few sample project designs and costs.

Services & Rates



Every once in a while, we'll share some musings and thoughts, but follow us on LinkedIn where we lift up the wisdom and generous thoughts of so many incredible colleagues and leaders in the sector. That's also where you can find opportunities - both those we're working on and sharing from others!



CLC ENDEAVORS, LLC               CALLIE@CLCENDEAVORS.COM               610.420.7440

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