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New Executive Director of the Economic Progress Institute and Happy Holidays

I am thrilled to help share the announcement that Weayonnoh Nelson-Davies has been selected to serve as the next Executive Director of the Economic Progress Institute. After a challenging initial search effort in the spring of 2021, I was honored to partner again with EPI this fall and am incredibly excited to see where the team goes together under Weayonnoh’s leadership. Here’s the full announcement:

Evergreen arrangement with red bow and pinecones on mantle.
[Evergreen arrangement with red bow and pinecones on mantlepiece. Photo and arrangement by Callie.]

Search processes rarely go as expected, and this one had its twists and turns like any other. But when you have an engaged, open and thoughtful client, you often realize that the challenges you worked through were helpful and you ended up in the best possible place. There is never one “right” answer or candidate, but when I am working with a committed and engaged search committee like the one at EPI, we learn together, find a good path through challenges together, and I believe ultimately create a stronger, more aligned organization that is better prepared to support its new leader through the many challenges of leadership.

It’s searches like this and leaders like Weayonnoh that continue to inspire me to do this work. I have deep gratitude for the amazing stories and insights that candidates and leaders share with me at every stage of the process, and deeply appreciate the opportunity to be a part of helping to shape the future through working with organizations to find incredible people to lead their work forward.

Thank you to everyone I’ve learned together with, and to all of you doing great work in pursuit of sustainability and justice and a more beautiful world - I hope you have a healthy and joyful end of 2021 and can rest and rejuvenate for the work ahead in 2022.

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